Breezair TBQ 500 Evaporative Cooler

Breezair TBQ 500 is the best compromise between price & quality from all the coolers in the Breezair range.

It is ideal for building that need fresh air input; its innovative technology uses up to 80% less energy without using chemical refrigerants.

  • Cooling capacity and efficiency increases as temperature increases
  • Low maintenance
  • The Prematuf™ corrosion-proof cabinet will not corrode or rust.
  • The super powerful axial fan is designed to maximise performance and minimise noise.
  • Fitted with the latest Black Opal™ MINI-CELL^ CHILLCEL® Pads Technology to deliver optimum cooling efficiency.
  • An optional MagIQtouch™ controller can operate up to 135 coolers and includes in-built installation Wizard, making the operating process simple.
Breezair TBQ 500 Evaporative Cooler
Model Airflow @ 80 Pa Cooling Capacity Power consumption (total) COP Motor
TBQ 500 9760 m3/h 13.3 kW 1260 Watts 10.5 PSC

Note: specifications subject to change.

*Cooling capacity measured to Australian Standard AS2913-2000, ambient of 38° C dry bulb & 21° C wet bulb, with room exit temperature of 27.4° C.

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