During the past five years Seeley International has undertaken significant expansion. This has included company acquisition and manufacturing improvement and development. At a time when many other Australian manufacturers are closing their doors, downsizing or looking to move off-shore Seeley International has been able to strengthen its Australian manufacturing development by continuing to focus on innovation, developing world class technology and integrating high levels of automation. Recent company acquisitions have also been a perfect fit for Seeley International’s trajectory growth to become a $1bn company.

International Acquisitions

Coolerado  (2015)

Seeley International announced the acquisition of Coolerado Corporation’s  business assets, a Denver-based manufacturer of innovative, award-winning, air conditioning systems for commercial, industrial, government, and military use during June 2015. This acquisition established a US-based manufacturing facility representing another exciting step in Seeley International’s growth strategy to move closer to North American customers. Coolerado’s indirect evaporative air conditioning products have become part of Seeley International’s brand portfolio.

AIRA (2016)

During May 2016, Seeley International announced its acquisition of the business assets for the Commercial and Industrial HVAC business AIRA, a prominent Australian manufacturer of Heating, Cooling and Energy Recovery Ventilation equipment based in Melbourne.  Seeley International is pleased to have added the AIRA range of Australian-made evaporative coolers and gas fired heaters to the award-winning product portfolio. AIRA has been a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial products since it first began in 1965.

Integrated Comfort Inc  (2017)

Seeley International announced its acquisition of commercial and industrial HVAC business Integrated Comfort Inc (ICI), a leading and well-respected Sacramento-based manufacturer of highly efficient patented evaporative pre-cooling products during November 2017. Seeley International was very impressed by ICI’s highly-successful DualCool commercial and industrial cooling technology. ICI has successfully completed the installation of DualCool evaporative pre-coolers in more than 380 Walmart and Sam’s Club stores across the USA, which equates to more than 2570 DualCool units.

Head Office Manufacturing Expansion


During August 2015, Seeley International announced that as many as 125 displaced manufacturing and car industry workers could be thrown an employment lifeline. This exciting development came about as a result of plans to fast-track the development of a next-generation air conditioner and increase operations at Seeley International’s Lonsdale-based factory. Several of Seeley International’s development and expansion plans were brought forward after receiving a grant of $5m, made available through the Federal Government’s Next Generation Manufacturing Investment Programme.  This grant, which Seeley International matched dollar for dollar, was used to construct a $10m high-volume residential Climate Wizard heat exchanger and cooler production facility at the Lonsdale-based factory.

Regional Manufacturing Expansion


Seeley International announced in March 2018 it had purchased land to create a $20m manufacturing hub in Wodonga, Victoria. The proposed 12,000 sq/m state-of-the-art manufacturing hub also includes an existing warehouse on the new site, which will further improve logistics and efficiencies in the new facility.

This exciting new facility is a significant strategic milestone for Seeley International, providing an ideal base for current and future growth.  It also enables Seeley International to maintain a strong employer presence within the local community, with projected direct employment growth of around 60% in the next five years.

This innovative manufacturing hub replaces a dated, much smaller current facility in nearby Albury. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and integrating advanced automation, the hub will manufacture several key products. These products will include market leading, energy efficient Braemar residential heating products, hyper-efficient Climate Wizard commercial air conditioners and the entire AIRA commercial heating and cooling product range.