Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

When it comes to home cooling, most people tend to stick with what they know, which normally sees someone fall into either the evaporative cooler vs reverse cycle air conditioner camp. Considering that heating and cooling costs account for about 40% of a home’s energy use, it is now more important than ever to consider the broader range of evaporative vs refrigerated air conditioning options now available, thanks to advanced technology breakthroughs.

Faced with soaring power prices it is little surprise that a 2017 survey *1 found that 62% of Australians (up from 51% in 2016) have opted to cut their air conditioning usage to save money. While the same survey found that most (69%) people understand that air conditioning has the largest impact on their power bills, many still opt for power guzzlers rather than enjoy evaporative cooling efficiency options that would keep them cool for a lot less thanks to much lower evaporative running costs.

But how do you select the best option for an energy efficient air conditioner? It’s common for many people to spend time online before making a purchase decision, and often turn to ‘independent’ product comparisons as part of their deliberations. The problem is that online comparisons often don’t consider newly-released technologies, and instead assess the basic or mid-range models rather than premium, market- leading products, and are typically based on a price point rather than showcasing the best available options and benefits. That means that ultimately people aren’t comparing the full range and aren’t making an informed purchase choice as a result.

As the nation’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, Seeley International offers a trio of market- leading evaporative air conditioner brands that have all been designed and rigorously tested to withstand Australia’s harsh climate – Breezair, Braemar and Coolair. These evaporative air conditioners have powerful evaporative cooling efficiency, along with the added health benefits that come with bringing fresh air into a home.

With the energy efficiency and comfort available in any of Seeley International’s product line-up you can always find an evaporative air conditioner that meet your needs at the same time taking the advantage of the low evaporative running costs that are on offer with this advanced technology.


Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Consider an energy efficient air conditioner for your home.


DID YOU KNOW? Evaporative coolers are eco-friendly!

Refrigerated cooling can not only cause the air to become dry inside a home, but it also uses chemicals which can damage the environment. In comparison, evaporate cooling is based completely on natural processes which cools air using water, with no chemicals involved. Compared to refrigerated air conditioning, the air released from evaporative coolers is never re-circulated, and is constantly replaced with fresh air – meaning your eyes and throat won’t become irritated and people with respiratory and health issues can enjoy their time indoors.

You are making the right choice for the environment when you choose an evaporative cooler for you and your family. Click here to read more. 

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*1 Canstar Blue 2017 survey: How much electricity does my air conditioner use?