What is Renewable Gas?

Renewable Gas (Hydrogen) for Australian Homes and Businesses

One of our industry partners, Australian Gas Networks (AGN), are at the forefront of developing and introducing renewable hydrogen to Australian homes and businesses. It is currently available as a blend with natural gas to selected households in Australia. Renewable hydrogen is made from the electrolysis process by using renewable wind, solar or hydroelectricity and splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. Discover how renewable hydrogen is a key part to Australia’s transition to green energy and a zero emissions future, working together with renewable electricity for an affordable and holistic approach for a total solution

To learn more about renewable gas, visit: australiangasnetworks.com.au/what-is-renewable-gas

Find out how Seeley International is working towards a greener future with hydrogen ready gas products.

What is renewable gas?
The future of gas and renewable hydrogen.