Buying Guide

This step by step guide to buying whole of home heating and cooling will help make the process of researching and choosing a system, getting quotes and having it installed a little easier. 

Download the guide here.

Step 1 - Think about the following questions:

  1. Do you want to heat/cool your whole home, just one part of it, or just one room?
  2. How often do you think you will use your heating/cooling?
  3. What level of quality are you looking for?
  4. How cold does it get in winter and how hot in summer?
  5. Are there any features of your house that may influence your choice (for example, little or no ceiling space, large rooms etc)?
  6. Do you have children or a lifestyle where you have doors and windows open during summer?
  7. How important are running costs to you?
  8. How important is it to you to minimise your impact on the environment?

Step 2 - Help me choose

This outlines several different types of heating and cooling system, from portable heaters and coolers, to split systems, to ducted heating and cooling systems.

Download the Help Me Choose guide.

Step 3 - Shortlist types of systems

Shortlist the types of heating and cooling systems that match your requirements.

Step 4 - Do your research

Some people prefer to find out as much as they can about product options and then go and visit a dealer (or talk to them over the phone). Others like to go to a dealer first and then talk to other dealers or the Internet to make sure they have all the facts. You can find a dealer using our Dealer Fast Find tool. Buying heating or cooling systems can be a big purchase, and there is a fair amount of information to take in. So take your time and be sure to get some expert advice from an experienced dealer. You can use this website, forums or review brochures. Many people also find it helpful to talk to friends, family members or colleagues.

Step 5 - Get a quote

Getting a quote on a ducted heating or cooling system for your home means talking to a dealer. You can find a dealer using our Dealer Fast Find tool. To get the system working right, they need to consider a long list of things – including the size and number of rooms of the house, which direction it faces, what material it's constructed from, whether there is double glazing, how much space there is in the roof cavity and so on.

Some dealers can provide a quote based on you bringing plans in and giving them the information they need and most offer an in-home quoting service.

Remember to ask if there are any special offers available – some months you can get an extended warranty at no extra cost or a cash back, or even a controller upgrade.

If you're installing a non-ducted split system, the quoting process is a little easier, but you will still need to make sure that the person quoting to supply and install your system has information about your house and where the system is going, so they can give an accurate quote.

The same process applies to portable heaters and coolers, although you'll need to go to a retail store to purchase those, rather than a dealer. You can find retailers that sell Convair portable heaters and coolers on the Convair website.

Step 7 - Decide!

When you have reviewed the quotes and are sure that you've chosen the right system and dealer (or retailer for portables) for you, you're ready to buy. Remember to check that there is stock available and, for fixed or ducted systems, when you can have your new system installed. Some times of year get very busy so it can take several weeks to book an installation. If you avoid having your system installed at a time that's at the height of summer or middle of winter, it's more likely that you can have it installed faster and at a time that's convenient for you.

Step 8 - Enjoy

Once you have your new system installed or portable at home, try it out. (Reading the manual always helps!) If you're having trouble with any aspect of your new heater or cooler, don't worry! The owner's manual gives you lots of information about how to operate them properly. We also have a question and answer section in the FAQs section of this website. That covers a number of common questions that people have. If you still need support, please contact your dealer or installer, in the first instance.

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