Seeley International launches lightweight low profile Braemar EnviroMagic

A fusion of brilliant design and smart technology by Seeley International has produced the new energy-efficient Braemar EnviroMagic evaporative air conditioner.

Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM FAICD, said the Braemar EnviroMagic offers impressive evaporative cooling capacity perfect for large spaces, new property developments and architectural projects where looks and street appeal are important.

“This sleek new Braemar EnviroMagic is a market-leading commercial air-conditioning solution that delivers cooled air in a highly energy-efficient way, and responds to the needs of a growing number of business owners who want an unobtrusive roof profile,” Mr Seeley said.

“The Braemar EnviroMagic ideally suits projects where roof profile aesthetics or intricate architectural design are important, and is a perfect choice for projects where building zone regulations require roof mounted equipment and services to be located behind parapet walls,” he said.

“Constructed with a super-tough lightweight UV-proof polymer cabinet instead of aluminium or stainless steel, the Braemar EnviroMagic is lightweight and durable, which means it can be easily installed on roof spaces that cannot support the weight of a typical commercial or industrial cooler.”

Other key features of the new Braemar EnviroMagic include:

  • Highly cost-efficient air conditioning per cubic meter – which has been achieved thanks to clever features such as the inverter axial fan technology and denser cooling pads. Braemar EnviroMagic ENV1000’s unique array of three 3-phase inverter drive motors, are fully enclosed to ensure the utmost safety and longevity. They enable efficient variable speed control, minimising power usage and further increasing efficiency. Braemar EnviroMagic ENV600 features the InvertairTM inverter motor which is highly efficient throughout the operating range, using far less energy than a standard fan and motor. ENV600 is available as a three phase or single phase model.
  • Impressive cooling capacity - Braemar EnviroMagic effortlessly delivers large volumes of cooled air in large spaces, even those with constant traffic flows.
  • Low CO2 emissions - Ultra-low energy use is achieved thanks to the 'Invertair’ inverter technology, which provides a new level of carbon emission reduction compared to other cooling types. The Braemar EnviroMagic also comes standard with a water management system, allowing for savings on water bills too.
  • Simple installation and easy operation – Not only is the Braemar EnviroMagic smaller and lighter than other commercial evaporative systems, it is also much quicker and cheaper to install – which means customers can avoid costly installation of multiple smaller coolers, with fewer roof penetrations. Adding to the ease of installation is the fact that components such as pads and fans can also easily be removed.

Braemar EnviroMagic is configured to work with an intuitive touch screen MagIQtouch Controller, which lets users program and control multiple coolers with ease from single stations. Braemar EnviroMagic is also Building Management System compatible, for integration with existing or future systems.

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About Seeley International

Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer and is market leader in the design and manufacture of ducted and portable heating and cooling products for the domestic, commercial and industrial markets in Australia.

Renowned for its innovation, Seeley International’s brands include Breezair, Braemar, Climate Wizard, AIRA, Convair, Coolair, Braemar and Coolerado. Based in Adelaide’s south - and with factories in Adelaide (evaporative coolers) and Albury (gas heaters, refrigerated and commercial cooling) - the company was founded in 1972 by Frank Seeley AM, who remains Executive Chairman.

Unlike many of its competitors, Seeley International continues to design and manufacture most of the components for its Australian-made products, which it exports to more than 120 countries around the world.


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