Braemar Bulkhead Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

  • All bulkhead duct type indoor units are only 200mm high and 450mm deep, making them suitable for concealing above cupboards and small spaces where they can be hidden from view.
  • DC brushless motor improves efficiency by over 30% when compared with a common motor.
  • Anti-freezing protection, fan motor built-in overload protection, temperature sensor error protection.
  • High-efficiency centrifugal fan and ultra low noise volute are developed with the latest simulation technology ensuring noise levels are minimised and airflow and efficiency are maximised.
  • All motors adopt energy-efficient DC inverter technology.
  • Intelligent network CAN Bus communication technology allows for system response speed to be faster and for communication to be more reliable.
Braemar Bulkhead Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner
Model Cooling (kW) Heating (kW) Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)
MDHX022D1B 2.2 2.5 220-240/1/50
MDHX025D1B 2.5 2.8 220-240/1/50
MDHX028D1B 2.8 3.2 220-240/1/50
MDHX032D1B 3.2 3.6 220-240/1/50
MDHX036D1B 3.6 4.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX040D1B 4.0 4.5 220-240/1/50
MDHX045D1B 4.5 5.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX050D1B 5.0 5.6 220-240/1/50
MDHX056D1B 5.6 6.3 220-240/1/50
MDHX063D1B 6.3 7.0 220-240/1/50
MDHX072D1B 7.2 8.0 220-240/1/50

Note: specifications subject to change.

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