Australian National University – Canberra

Australian Capital Territory

Project Location:

Forestry Complex – Canberra ACT, Australia


To cool a new student lecture complex and learning centre with environmental charter at the forefront of their architect’s brief. The facility is nestled in the green leafy scrub land that abounds around the nation’s capital. It is a fact that in enclosed buildings CO2 build-up can cause drowsiness and inattention, and this was undesirable for a learning centre.


Climate Wizard Stand Alone Cooling
Natural illumination and cooling was chosen for the majority of the design. Climate Wizard was chosen because it has no synthetic refrigerants or CFCs, uses only water and a very small amount of electrical power to produce high quality, fresh cool air without adding any additional moisture to the conditioned air. Multiple Climate Wizard air conditioners supply all the cooling for the lecture theatres and student facilities within the complex.




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