Ayers Rock Resort – Ayers Rock

Northern Territory, Australia

Project Location:

Ayers Rock, Northern Territory, Australia


To reduce the load and wear and tear on the main air conditioning plant and to reduce their energy consumption.

Solution: Climate Wizard Pre-Cooling

Ayer’s Rock (Uluru) is located in central Australia and subject to extreme heat for the summer months where it can get to 50° C (122° F) in the shade. The resort complex required large volumes of fresh outside for their function rooms, and they required an economical way to pre-cool this before it was introduced to the refrigerated system. Climate Wizards now cool the 50° C (122° F) summer heat to a more manageable temperature before it is introduced to the various air handling units in the resort air conditioning systems. As all electricity is generated from diesel generators, the reduction in electricity consumption with the addition of Climate Wizard, contributes very significant savings to the owners.

Ayers Rock Resort Climate Wizard

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