Banner Estrella Hospital – Phoenix

United States of America


Banner Estrella Hospital is a busy medium sized hospital that provides 24 / 7 care for the community. Part of the facility includes extensive kitchens that provide meals for patients and staff. Large kitchens have large amounts of air exhausted from cooling appliances and make-up air is often drawn from areas that are cooled by refrigerated plant. The hospital wanted to improve the quality of air introduced to the kitchens but to limit the operating costs of any new equipment required.

Solution: Climate Wizard Pre-Cooling

Two Climate Wizard model CW-H15 air conditioners were installed to pre-cool the air that was introduced into the existing air conditioning system. By using Climate Wizard in this way the total cooling capacity was substantially increased at a very modest operating cost while improving the air quality in the building.


Banner Estrella Hospital Climate Wizard

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