Chandler Fire Station – Phoenix

United States of America


Fire trucks and other vehicles must be ready at all times for immediate response to emergencies. By necessity that means at times, the main building doors were to be kept open. In the summer heat of Arizona it is essential that the vehicles are kept in cool so that when dispatched, the fire crew steps immediately into a cool vehicle. For these reasons, providing high quality cooling at economical operating cost proved to be challenging.

Solution: Climate Wizard Stand Alone Cooling

The installation of a Climate Wizard model CW-H15 air conditioner and suitable ducting to deliver cool air around the stored vehicles, provided the required cooling capacity to meet an even more humid heat load in the Phoenix “monsoon” weather. With the constant supply of cool outside air, operating with the main doors open, proved to be just right for the flow through of cooling air.


Chandler Fire Station Climate Wizard

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