Commercial Offices – Adelaide

South Australia

Project Location:

67 Greenhill Rd, Adelaide SA, Australia


To reduce the load on the existing chilled water plant, which prior to the installation was at capacity.
To deliver better conditions to the tenanted spaces of the building and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through the introduction of an increased quantity of outdoor air treated by the Climate Wizard.

Solution: Climate Wizard Supplementary Cooling

The upgrade works retained the existing air handling units and chilled water infrastructure, thereby reducing retrofit costs of the installation. Since the upgrade, operational efficiency of the air conditioning plant was increased. The project achieved greater than the targeted energy savings, by reducing annual energy usage by 22% and gas usage by 46% compared to figures prior to the upgrade. An estimated 21 kg CO2-e/m2 p.a. of greenhouse gas emissions have been saved through the upgrade works at the building. The installation enhances the quality and health of the environment for building occupants.


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