IVY95 Residential Apartments – Gold Coast

Queensland, Australia

51 luxurious apartments, moments away from the pristine Gold Coast shores, required a complete commercial air conditioning solution.

Seeley International successfully met the brief, providing a reverse cycle commercial air conditioning solution which would withstand the harsh coastal environment.

Seeley International Commercial air conditioning solution pictured on the roof, for 51 luxury apartments in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

A unique sent of requirements for this commercial air conditioning project:

  • All condensers must be located on the rooftop (9 stories up)
  • Ability for cables and piping to reach the height of 9 stories
  • Ability to withstand the harsh coastal environment
  • Low operational noise
  • Slimline bulkhead units inside apartments to reflect luxurious appeal
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning technology specified


The Braemar 5th generation VRF products were approved by all key decision makers for this commercial air conditioning project. Combining Braemar’s Mini and large Heat Pump VRF enabled to meet all parts of the specification.

Braemar Mini Heat Pump VRF systems were installed for each apartment in the complex which delivered a reverse cycle solution that met the key deliverables of the project.

• The slim line low static bulkhead units fitted perfectly within bulkhead size limitations. The low operating noise level and condensate pumps for selected units were also key features that suited the project.
• The gold fin coils that come as standard were treated with an acrylic Resin/Anti-Corrosion Coating. This protects the coil against the corrosive effects of VOC’s and outside sea air, extending the operating life of the system.
• The extended piping lengths that the system required meant the 24metre “lift” for Level 1 apartment and the max pipe length of approx. 50m was well within the systems limits.

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