Life Science Lab, Charles Sturt University – Wagga Wagga

New South Wales, Australia

Project Location:

Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia


With summer temperatures ranging between 28 and 32°C (84-90°F), soaring internal heat loads from lab equipment and high requirements for fresh air, the cooling equipment needed to be part of a solution that would help the new complex meet the highest environmental and energy efficiency standards.


13 – 5 ton units in 4 – air handling systems:
3 M50s in 3 systems
4 M50s in 1 system

Air handlers bring outdoor air into the building when the ambient air is below 21°C (70°F). When ambient temperature is above 21°C (70°F), the Coolerado units supply cooled, fresh air into the building. The installing contractor impressed with the ease of installation and connectivity. 100% fresh air, 3 year investment payback and 80% reduction in cooling energy bill compared to traditional HVAC.

The Results:
  • 3 year investment payback.
  • 80% savings in cooling energy compared to traditional HVAC.
  • 100% fresh air year long.
  • Precision temperature control for life science labs.
  • Green Building Council of Australia granted the complex a 5 Star Green Star – Education Design v1 certified rating for Australian Excellence.
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