Mount Barker High School – Mount Barker

South Australia

Project Requirements

Provide a cooling solution to the school’s Home Economics building that:

  • Delivers specified temperature and comfort levels in periods of peak load
  • Meets outdoor air requirements to AS 1668 part 2 for large volumes of people
  • Accommodates existing power infrastructure

The project’s main challenges included:

  • Cooling an open space that contains multiple cooking equipment with exhaust air being expelled from the building
  • Sizing of an air conditioning packaged system required 80 kW of total cooling for the space
  • Limited power supply to the building, defer costly electrical upgrade

The Climate Wizard CW-80 was able to service the space and satisfy all project requirements, supported by a Hot Water Coil for heating and an automatic controller. The main power supply to the Climate Wizard only had to accommodate a 10kW load, not the 40kW load for the Air Conditioning Packaged (DX) System. This meant the power sub-board did not need upgrading, saving much needed funds for the school. The air conditioning system now maintains a comfortable and cool 24oC in the building, with no added moisture in the air, even during extreme weather events where it can reach in excess of 40oC outside.


Since the installation and commissioning of the CW-80, the school has experienced the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduced running costs (up to 80%) to cool the space compared to an equivalent reverse cycle system
  • Supporting student and staff well-being – improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as 100% outside air is cooled and supplied to the space
  • Temperatures and comfort levels similar to reverse cycle systems, with cooling performance increasing as temperatures rise
  • Contributing to reducing the school’s carbon footprint, supporting public infrastructure green building requirements
  • Exceeds minimum O/A requirements from Australian Standard AS1668.2



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