Palace Station Casino – Las Vegas

United State of America


Palace Station Casino is one of the premier casinos in Las Vegas and caters to wide spectrum of patrons, providing entertainment and fine dining. With the summer heat and the internal heat loads cooling sufficient outside air to maintain freshness within was always going to be a costly challenge.

Solution: Climate Wizard Pre-Cooling

Climate Wizard performs particularly well in high temperature conditions, found on the roof tops of Las Vegas, so the casino management decided to install a trial of six Climate Wizard model CW-H15 air conditioners to provide a high volume of pre-cooled air directly to the air handling units (AHU), serving a particular section of the building. The effect was so spectacularly successful in improving the inside conditions at an extremely low operating cost, that the casino immediately installed a further twelve Climate Wizard CW-H15 model air conditioners to replicate the installation in other sections.

Palace Station Casino Climate Wizard


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