Paradise Valley Bus Maintenance Facility – Phoenix

United States of America


The maintenance facility provides regular service to the municipality’s fleet of buses, which means they come and go as service is completed, and during maintenance, it is often required to run the engine and exhaust the combustion gases. Direct evaporative cooling had been previously used, but was found not to be satisfactory due to the high temperatures in the work area and the increase in moisture, particularly in the Phoenix “monsoon” season.

Solution: Climate Wizard Stand Alone Cooling

The Paradise Valley facility management decided to install sixteen Climate Wizard model CW-H15 air conditioners with suitable ducting to cool the whole facility. The low temperatures achieved and the specific placement of the supply plenums provided a much cooler working environment with no additional moisture added to the air stream. Now, even during the “monsoon” season, the internal conditions are very comfortable. While this could have been achieved with refrigerated systems, the Climate Wizard installation did not require any change to their electrical supply system, was much less costly to install and operate.

Paradise Valley Bus Maintenance Facility Climate Wizard


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