Peter Lehmann Wines – Barossa Valley

South Australia


The Peter Lehmann Wines story is one of family tradition, courage, dedication, innovation and above all, great wine making. This dedication to perfection in winemaking lead the company to look for the best option to control and improve the cellaring of its premium wines as they mature in oak barrels before bottling and sale.

Solution: Climate Wizard Supercool – designed to efficiently cool wine barrel storage rooms

Climate Wizard Supercool air conditioners were installed in 2014 and have since brought a level of controlled storage conditions never before experienced since the company’s foundation in 1979.

Peter Lehmann Wines were looking to maintain the conditions in their barrel halls at a relatively constant temperature around 18°C, while also relying on a high relative humidity in the range of 60% to 80%, to assist in reducing evaporation of the wine through the oak barrels. Climate Wizard Supercool has achieved the brief.




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