Primetech Fzco – Dubai

United Arab Emirates


This fully automated plant, using German technology for finished cylinder/ rollers used for the ‘flexible printing process’, uses large quantities of energy for the air conditioning equipment operating in arduous ambient conditions that are often higher than 45 °C (113 °F). The client needed to reduce the energy consumption. The fresh air volume requirements were relatively high due to treatment process that includes Chromic acid.

Solution: Climate Wizard Pre-Cooling

The air conditioning system used previously comprised of air handling units with DX type condensers. Four Climate Wizard CW-H15 air conditioners were directly coupled to four of the air handling units (AHUs) outside air input connections. This resulted in 25% savings in power as demonstrated by energy monitoring hardware in association with climate sensors to compare the performance with and without Climate Wizard air conditioners. Since then, the parent company of Primetech FZCO has made it mandatory to use the Climate Wizard for any of their fresh air handling systems including stand alone requirements for their Blown Film Cooling applications.


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