Venita Rhea’s Restaurant – California

United States of America


Successful restaurateurs were looking for additional cooling at minimum operating cost during the hot summers experienced in California.

Solution: Climate Wizard Pre-Cooling

This low-cost extra cooling was provided by Climate Wizard that delivers the first stage of cooling to the zone. The existing Packaged Air Conditioners (PACs) only start up when the need arises. At all times Climate Wizard provides outside air to keep the restaurant fresh and pleasant. The installation was retrofitted adjacent to the PACs on the roof and with separate ducting directly to the conditioned space, which meant a quick and easy installation, with no disruption to business. The initial Report* on the first three months of operation during the summer of 2012, indicated a measured energy saving for air conditioning of 71%, compared to a similar period prior to the installation of Climate Wizard.

*Report: “Evaporative Retrofit Components for Roof Top Packaged Air-conditioning Units. PG&E ET Project Number ET12PGE3181”