Wilson Transformers – Melbourne

Victoria, Australia

Project Location:

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Wilson manufactures electrical transformers for the electrical power distribution industry and ensuring the quality of manufacture is a critical part of their reputation as a top supplier. They required an economical way to provide cooling comfort to their workforce and to pressurise the buildings, so that airborne dust and contaminates did not compromise quality.

Solution: Climate Wizard combined with heating

Climate Wizard was chosen as it met the key requirements and did not add any additional moisture to the conditioned space. Twelve Climate Wizard model CW-H10 were installed on the building and controlled through a Building Management System (BMS) that monitors the key areas of production. To meet the winter heating requirements, an in-line hot water heating coil was fitted in the supply duct. Climate Wizard’s powerful supply fan easily copes with the additional duct loads, without losing any air supply volume, thus ensuring that the full design heating and cooling capacity is available at all times.


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