Need spare parts for your Breezair evaporative cooler?

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Need to service your Breezair evaporative cooler?

Contact us to buy genuine spare parts for your Breezair evaporative cooler. You can book your service or buy geniune spare parts for:

  • Breezair TBS 580
  • Breezair TBSI 580
  • Breezair EXS 220
  • Breezair TBA 500
  • Breezair EXH 210
  • Breezair RPX
  • Breezair EA

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Regular maintenance of Breezair evaporative coolers is essential to ensure maximum cooling effectiveness.

Maintenance Schedule servicing is essential to ensure the cooler operates efficiently for many years. It must be carried out by a qualified, licensed service technician. For best performance from your cooler, additional cleaning and maintenance tasks may be required depending on its hours of operation.

The importance of genuine spare parts

All the components inside the Breezair models are manufactured to guarantee the maximum reliability and performance. They are built to the highest mechanical and electrical specifications,  resulting in impressive cooling efficiency over the entire life of operation.
You can be assured that when you order a spare part directly through us, you will receive a high quality, genuine Seeley International Genuine spare parts.
Seeley International Genuine spare parts have been designed, engineered and tested to optimise performance and safely operate in the specific Seeley International product for which they have been designed.
The use of non-genuine spare parts for the servicing or repair of Seeley International products is not supported or recommended by Seeley International and may void your warranty.


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