Seeley International offers indirect evaporative cooling for the Commercial/Industrial market.

Climate Wizard

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The innovation revolution in cooling technology.

Climate Wizard technology delivers huge energy savings in commercial/ industrial applications.

It works by using the natural cooling power of evaporation to dramatically reduce air temperature – without adding any moisture. The manner in which this evaporation takes place is the secret to Climate Wizard's superformance. The launch of this advanced technology creates a whole new air conditioning category - indirect evaporative air conditioning.

Climate Wizards have been installed in data centres, universities, community centres, food processing facilities and airports.

In the commercial and industrial market, Climate Wizard can be used successfully as a stand alone system or in conjunction with either new or existing refrigerated systems. By efficiently cooling the fresh air requirement, Climate Wizard dramatically reduces the overall energy consumption of refrigerated air conditioning.

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The Breezair TBA Commercial series revolutionizes the concept of fixed direct drive evaporative coolers. All components are proprietary Seeley International designs.  Each part is created to work precisely and integrally with the others in order to achieve maximum cooling efficiency.

Both functionally and aesthetically, the TBA cooler sets new standards in advanced design, incorporating injection molding technology.

The TBA is intelligently designed with both installers and end users in mind. The ease of installation and the flexibility of its control system configuration make the Breezair TBA more user-friendly than any competitive cooler on the market today.

Seeley International is a world leader in Axial polymer fan technology. The proprietary TBA fan offers impressive airflow and performance characteristics.  Innovative use of materials and components provide comfort cooling at economical prices into a variety of applications.

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