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Cooling for Radio and Television Transmitters in Extreme Heat: The Climate Wizard Solution

High temperatures are a common challenge for telecommunication transmitters, which operate 24/7 and require continuous cooling to function optimally. To tackle this problem while reducing energy consumption, Climate Wizard was installed as a supplementary cooling system in a building that resembles a large data centre in its need to dissipate internal equipment heat.

To reduce air conditioning energy consumption by providing cooling to radio and television transmitters that operate 24 / 7 with outside temperatures that can regularly exceed 40 ºC (104 ºF).

Solution: Climate Wizard Supplementary Cooling

The building has the characteristics of a large data centre, where there is a continuous internal equipment heat load that must be removed by mechanical cooling to ensure a very high degree of equipment functional reliability.

Climate Wizard was installed as supplementary cooling to reduce the air conditioning energy consumption for transmitter cooling. The concept was for the Climate Wizard to carry the base load of the equipment heat gain and the solar load, while the refrigerated systems would be retained to provide extreme heat-event cooling capacity and as a backup system for safety.

With the introduction of Climate Wizard, the refrigerated systems are rarely called upon and for most of the time, they remain idle. The energy consumption has been significantly reduced, which has led to the customer considering similar installations in other parts of the country.

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