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Braemar – exclusive heating and cooling range for new homes of distinction

Seeley International brings you the world’s best combined heating and cooling ranges, under the iconic Braemar brand, which has been synonymous with quality, reliability and energy efficiency throughout Australia, for well over half a century, and all backed by Seeley International’s comprehensive network of specialised dealers and service agents – so you get the best possible local support throughout the sales process, and way, way beyond.

For four decades, Seeley International has supplied heating and cooling products to some of Australia’s leading builders. We provide the best products on the market, backed by the best after-sales service and support in the industry.

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Braemar heating
Braemar’s multi-award winning gas heating range includes ducted gas heating, wall furnaces and space heaters. Gas heating is becoming more popular, as electricity prices rise and customers choose natural, instant warmth. Braemar’s ducted gas systems are designed to be easier and faster to install – their two-piece construction makes it so simple to get heaters into roofspaces and other hard-to-access places. With a wide range of safety and convenience benefits, Braemar has the most energy-efficient range of ducted gas heaters available.

Now, Seeley International has an exclusive range of Braemar ducted gas heaters, specially designed for builders of homes of distinction. This exclusive range features three-star, galvanized units for internal installation. There are extra air options available, as well as choices for upgrading.

Braemar evaporative cooling
Braemar evaporative cooling is a household name for evaporative cooling in Australia. Designed and made in Australia, for Australian conditions, Braemar coolers have a reputation as tough, reliable out-performers. Also, Braemar evaporative cooling systems are easy to install and super-reliable. As with all Seeley International products, Braemar evaporative coolers are backed by the strength of Seeley International’s exceptional network of dealers and service agents throughout Australia and New Zealand. Seeley International has an exclusive range of Braemar coolers, specially crafted for the builders of homes of distinction.

Braemar add-on refrigerated cooling
Seeley International also offers Braemar add-on cooling to go with Braemar ducted gas heating, for year round comfort – using one controller for both heating and cooling. This integrated cooling system is designed to use the same ductwork and grilles as Braemar ducted gas heating – making installation and operation easier.

Braemar reverse cycle air conditioning
Seeley International is proud to offer the Braemar range of innovative, reliable split system and ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. This extensive range of split and ducted systems is completely MEPS compliant – and represent great value for money. They feature R410a refrigerant, which is less harmful to the environment than some other refrigerants.

The split system range features inverter technology for more efficient running, and have a compact, stylish design, which looks good in any room. The ducted range is the ultimate choice for heating and cooling an entire home. The range includes single phase systems from 9.1 to 15.0kW and three phase systems from 10.9 to 24.9kW. Remember, all Braemar products are backed by Seeley International’s extensive network of dealers and service agents and support is available throughout Australia.

Seeley International operates to the ISO9001-2000 Quality System and has robust and proven quality control processes in place. We offer free sales and installation product training for our dealers, to enable them, together with their installers, to get the best results out of all of our products. We also provide competitive warranties and rock-solid product and service support. All warranty claims are undertaken by Seeley International’s certified service agents.

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