Overseas versus Australian-made products

For Australian home owners investigating a new air conditioner, it makes sense to examine the locally manufactured and world leading Breezair evaporative cooling system built to withstand Australia’s harsh hot and dry climate.

When researching home cooling options, a key consideration is the low running costs of evaporative systems, which are much lower, compared to refrigerated cooling systems. Once researched, many consumers are not only pleasantly surprised by the lower running costs of evaporative air conditioning but also like the fact that many are Australian made.

It is no surprise then that high quality Australian evaporative air conditioners made by Seeley International with Australian materials are now being exported across the world including to destinations such as the Middle East, the USA and the UK. Seeley International has successfully completed a huge order for evaporative air conditioners, resulting in around 50,000 Australian-made Breezair air conditioners being installed in the tent city of Mina Valley, Saudi Arabia.*

The enormous bulk order of Breezair evaporative air conditioners by the Saudi Government and Ministry of Hajj provides state-of-the-art cooling for Makkah Pilgrims during their stay in the Mina Valley tent city. The tent city is a fascinating logistics exercise involving more than 100,000 tents, and approximately three million people in over 20 square kilometres.

Seeley International is Australia’s largest and most awarded air conditioning manufacturer. The company has been making evaporative air conditioning units since 1972 and takes great pride in the fact that their Breezair evaporative cooling units are manufactured in Australia.

Seeley International has led the local industry in the design and manufacture of cooling systems. Even the all plastic non-corrosive evaporative air conditioner, a major breakthrough for the industry was developed in Australia by Seeley International.

The first intuitive touch screen controller for evaporative air conditioning – the MagIQtouch Controller was developed by Seeley International in Australia. A key feature involves external air sensors displaying the current outside temperature and intuitively optimising water and energy usage based on outside ambient conditions. The introduction of the Australian made Black MagicTM Mini-Cell^ Chillcel® pads technology by Seeley International across its entire Breezair range of ducted evaporative air conditioners makes it the only manufacturer offering evaporative cooling pads that are fully manufactured in Australia and specifically designed to maximise cooling in a harsh local climate.

Finally, it is reassuring to know that Seeley International is Australia’s only air conditioning manufacturer with a NATA accredited test laboratory. National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA) provides independent assurance of technical competence ensuring organisations comply with relevant international and Australian standards and so are competent to provide consistently reliable testing, calibration, measurement and inspection data to government, industry and the wider community.

* “Seeley International’s Breezair evaporative air conditioner wins biggest contract in the world” Click here to read more.