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Evaporative Cooling Products
Convair CTA500 Series Evaporative Cooler

Convair CTA Series Evaporative Coolers

Specifically designed to offer a high quality, affordable and energy-efficient solution for residential and light commercial installations.

  • Delivering high performance evaporative cooling at unbelievable value
  • Fitted with the latest Black Opal™ MINI-CELL^ CHILLCEL® Pads Technology to deliver optimum cooling efficiency.
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Breezair TBQI Series Evaporative Cooler by Seeley International

Breezair TBQI Series Evaporative Coolers

Breezair’s TBQI Series is optimal for residential and light commercial applications with premium advanced technology, remarkable energy efficiency and outstanding cooling performance.

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Breezair Supercool Evaporative Cooler

Breezair Supercool TBSI 580 Evaporative Cooler

The Breezair Supercool series is ideal for commercial applications such as storage areas, warehouses, sports facilities, commercial kitchens, manufacturing plants and agricultural facilities.

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Breezair MobileMax Series Evaporative Coolers

A mobile evaporative cooler that rolls wherever it’s needed to provide a quick cooling solution with easy maintenance.

  • Made from ultra-tough polymer for lightweight and durable construction.
  • World patented water distribution system ensures peak efficiency.
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