Evaporative coolers

How you save money with energy efficient air conditioning

Evaporative cooler efficiency and running cost

When it comes energy efficiency and the cost of running an air conditioner, most people tend to stick with what they know, which normally sees someone fall into either the evaporative cooler efficiency or direct expansion air conditioning efficiency camp.

Considering that heating and cooling costs account for about 50% of a home’s energy use in the US (1), it is now more important than ever to consider the broader range of evaporative coolers vs direct expansion air conditioning options now available, thanks to advanced technology breakthroughs.

According the US Energy Information Administration, there are many factors influencing electricity prices, and one important aspect are the weather conditions. Extreme temperatures are likely to push demand for cooling and heating, and in turn will cause an effect in electricity demand, which will lead to increased electricity prices (2).

As it’s time to beat the heat, homeowners turn to the cool comfort of air conditioning, and the big question is whether to opt for more power-hungry direct expansion air conditioning rather than an energy efficient evaporative cooler.

Evaporative cooler efficiency
How to select the best evaporative cooler option

Summer in the US is hotter than average. Especially in western and central portions of the United States, with the northern and central Rockies into the northern and central Plains predicted to have the best chance for a hot summer (3).

While weather patterns are changing, the need for an air conditioner has gone from a luxury to a necessity and has become an integral part of our daily lives.

How do you select the best option for evaporative cooling efficiency? It’s common for many people to search online before making a purchasing decision, and they often turn to ‘independent’ product comparisons as part of their research.

That means that ultimately people aren’t comparing the full range and aren’t making informed purchasing choices.

With so much at stake, and predictions that our summers ahead are going to keep getting warmer, investing in market-leading evaporative coolers makes perfect sense, and remains a great way to safeguard those who matter most when temperatures start to soar.

Evaporative cooling efficiency

A growing number of savvy consumers are recognizing the benefits offered when it comes to evaporative cooling vs direct expansion air or refrigerated conditioning options.

When you realize it’s possible to cool your home effectively with evaporative air conditioning, it becomes an informed investment decision for those wanting to reap the rewards that come with lower running costs.

As one of the oldest and most beneficial forms of climate control in the world, evaporative cooling doesn’t just offer far superior energy efficiency, there are also plenty of health benefits that come with bringing 100% fresh outside air into a home rather than being forced to breathe recycled stale air.

Evaporative cooling considers the planet

For those who want to do their part to help look after the planet, evaporative cooling efficiency is achieved using natural processes compared to refrigerated options which can not only cause the air to become dry inside your home, but also uses chemicals that can damage the environment.

With so much at stake, and predictions that our summers ahead are going to keep getting warmer, investing in market-leading evaporative air conditioning makes perfect sense, and remains the best way to safeguard those who matter most when temperatures start to soar.

What evaporative cooling brands are the most energy-efficient?

As consumers are looking for the most energy efficient evaporative cooling solutions, the Denver based evaporative cooling company Seeley International Americas, a subsidiary of the Adelaide based company with its global headquarters in Australia is where to start. Seeley International offers a range of market-leading evaporative air conditioner brands including Breezair and Convair through its network of contractors in the US.

These evaporative air conditioners have powerful cooling efficiency, along with the added health benefits that come along with bringing fresh air into a home.

Here is a snapshot of the energy efficiency features across the brands.

Breezair by Seeley International logo

Breezair by Seeley International

Breezair Features

Breezair by Seeley International evaporative coolers offer a range of leading models and series. Breezair SuperStealth® TBQI series, offers superior cooling performance and the highest energy efficiency in evaporative cooling (5). The Breezair ICON EXQ boosts some of the most advanced features available in evaporative cooling and remains the most efficient and quietest available. With its Hushpower® direct drive invertacool motor (6).

With the energy efficiency and comfort available in any of Seeley International’s product line-up you can always find an evaporative air conditioner to meet your needs, while taking advantage of the low running costs that are offered with this advanced technology.

Convair by Seeley International logo

Convair by Seeley International

Convair Features

Convair evaporative coolers are designed to deliver energy-efficient solutions for residential homes. Convair’s CTA Series features an economical cooling capacity and is ETL Listed. It is suitable for 115V / 60HZ power supplies with built-in fuses to protect the motor and pump.

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Seeley International is Australia’s largest air conditioning and ducted gas heating manufacturer and a global leader in developing ingenious, energy efficient cooling and heating products. With U.S.-based offices in Denver, CO and Phoenix AZ, 303-375-0878 you can contact us for any questions regarding our extensive evaporative cooling range.

Seeley International also maintains an excellent contractor network.

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Installation and service near me

Evaporative air conditioning installation is completed by a qualified contractor who can connect and install the rooftop unit, ducting, water, power and controller. Contacting a reputable contractor is the best way to schedule an air conditioning installation to ensure you receive a comprehensive warranty, after-sales and service and for your peace of mind.

Contractors can assist in accurately estimating the unit capacity and best model suited for your lifestyle and home size.

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Spare parts and service to evaporative air conditioners near me

Evaporative air conditioner parts can be purchased from a contractor with installation generally offered in conjunction with the part being purchased. Evaporative cooling pads are popular replacement parts that are simple to remove and can also be replaced by a qualified contractor Be sure to stay on top of your maintenance plan to help optimize running efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact an evaporative cooling contractor for spare parts and service.