How Does It Work?

1. Hot air enters the cooler
  • Hot outside air enters the cooler via the inlet.
  • A powerful, energy-efficient, electric fan moves the air towards the core.
2. Hot air passes through the core
  • The core is an air-to-air heat exchanger consisting of alternating dry and wet channels.
  • All of the air passes along the dry channels and gains no additional moisture.
3. Warm, moist air exhausted outside
  • As the air exits the dry channels, a portion of the conditioned air is returned through the wet channels.
  • Through evaporation and conduction, it gains both moisture and heat. The channels are continuously soaked with water. This moist, warm air is then exhausted outside of the building.
  • No moisture is transferred across the membranes between the dry and wet channels; only temperature (heat) is transferred.
  • The heat passes out of the air in the dry channels through the membrane and into the air passing through the wet channels.
  • In this way, the air in the dry channels becomes progressively colder but gains no moisture.
4. Fresh, cool outside air passes into the building
  • The air passing along the dry channels in the core is cooled, with no moisture added.
  • This fresh, cool air passes into the building.