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Air Force Hangar

Balochistan, Baluchistan -
Balochistan, Baluchistan -

Pakistani Army switching to energy-efficient and cost-effective Breezair evaporative cooling for their Air Force hangar

Project Background: air force hangar cooling

In order to improve thermal and environmental conditions of the air force hangar located in Baluchistan province, Pakistani Army was looking for a cost-effective cooling solution.

The premise is used for storing aircrafts and equipment. With no cooling system installed, the 47°C average Summer temperatures inside the building were leading to very uncomfortable working conditions. In 2017, indoor temperatures reached 53.7°C, making it impossible to work inside.

The facility management approached ANSA International, official distributor of Breezair evaporative coolers for Pakistan, looking for a cost-effective cooling solution to improve indoor temperatures.

Project Solution

The management expressed particular preference for Breezair evaporative cooling. The premium quality brand was already adopted in the Army General Head Quarters in Rawalpindi, in the main offices and in several sensitive areas.

Moreover, many Senior Army Generals have adopted Breezair evaporative cooling solutions for their own residences, so they were quite familiar with the system and the benefits.

Project Installation

30 x Breezair units were installed, covering the 5,800 sqm hangar, with ceiling 8 meters high. No ducting was allowed to run inside the hangar, as clear space is needed for aircrafts to be parked and serviced.

Project timeline was not of much concern. However, since the place is situated in a remote and far-off area with no direct access, nor any boarding and lodging arrangements, logistically arranging manpower and materials has been quite a major issue.

Moreover, the management required cool (not cold) temperatures: this is the reason why they have opted for less units, compared to the number suggested by ANSA International.

Project Results: a cost-effective air force hangar cooling

  • Breezair is the best solution when cooling large spaces, such as the hangar described in this installation.
  • Only using water and little electricity to cool the air, it is also very cost effective to run and maintain.
  • The clients are satisfied about the results in terms of temperatures, which reached in the month of March 24°C.

Breezair performance as temperature rises

No matter how hot it gets outside, Breezair uses the same amount of power and still delivers 100% fresh, cool air inside. This is in direct contrast to traditional A/C, which requires increasing amounts of power as outside temperatures rise.

Breezair cost-saving capabilities actually increase, when the heat is at its highest. At the same time, Breezair’s performance also increases as temperatures rise – again, in complete contrast to refrigerated


Air Force hangar cooled with Premium quality Breezair evaporative coolers, ensuring cool temperatures inside the building where aircraft are parked and serviced.

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Watch this video to discover how Breezair evaporative cooling can improve temperatures in hangars and garages. 





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