Coolerado HMX Indirect Evaporative Cooler

The award- winning Coolerado HMX is ideal for data centres, industrial and commercial and food processing/compressor rooms.

It uses a thermodynamic cycle – known as the Maisotsenko Cycle – to produce unprecedented air temperature reductions.

Whether cooling a small server room or a large manufacturing facility, Coolerado HMX’s are capable of delivering cool, fresh air in the most efficient way possible.  Their modular design allows them to be stacked next to each other to increase cooling capacity. The HMX is mounted in a polypropylene, reinforced cassette and can be stacked and snapped together to form a stable, self-supporting unit.

  • Exceptional cooling energy savings – up to 80% (depending on application).
  • Provides healthier indoor atmosphere by incorporating 100% fresh air.
  • Ideal for customers with high heat loads.
  • Cools without the use of refrigerants or energy- gorging compressors.
  • Capacity increases along with ambient temperature.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • 120% wet bulb effectiveness.
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