NATA Laboratory


Meridian Test Laboratory
NATA Accredited

Seeley International is one of Australia’s only air conditioning and heating manufacturers with a NATA accredited test laboratory.

NATA is the authority that provides independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts, for customers who require confidence in the delivery of their products and services. For more information please visit

Laboratory Overview
The Meridian Test Laboratory is suitable for conducting performance and development testing on a range of cooling and heating products including direct and indirect evaporative coolers, refrigerated air conditioners and heat pumps.
The laboratory has two test chambers with independent control of dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures and three nozzle boxes that allow accurate measurement of a range of airflows. To enable testing of large evaporative coolers, the laboratory also has two desiccant dehumidifiers to extract additional moisture from the test chambers. The laboratory is fully PLC controlled with electronic measurement and data acquisition of all test results.
Appliance performance is calculated by measuring air conditions into and out of the appliance, airflow and power consumption.

The Meridian Test Laboratory allows Seeley International to perform a number of important activities, including:

New Product Development
Seeley uses computational modelling techniques such as CFD analysis to support new product development, however, it is critical to be able to verify the accuracy of models in real-world environments. The test facility is used to measure and validate the performance and efficiency of the products being under varying real-world conditions. The facility provides the ability to precisely set a range of different test conditions and also enables accurate repeatability of tests enabling small incremental improvements in product performance to be measured.

Auditing of Current Products
Auditing the performance of existing products is important to ensure manufacturing quality standards are maintained. The test facility enables current production products to be easily assessed and performance to be accurately monitored and maintained on an ongoing basis.

Assessment of Competitor Products
To be an innovative leader it is important to be able to accurately assess the performance of competitors’ products and determine any product advantages they may have. The test facility allows accurate benchmarking performance testing to be conducted on competitors’ products against Seeley International products.