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Harness the power of Nature

At Seeley, we harness the power of air and water.

Frank Seeley

Frank Seeley – AM, DUniv Flin, FAICD
Founder and Executive Chairman

Open quotation marks  There’s a natural attraction between air and water that is very powerful…

Outside, these forces of nature live all around us. But, what if we could harness this power inside too?

Our evaporative air conditioning technology has been inspired by nature with ingenious design, incredible reliability and unsurpassed cooling performance using 100% fresh outside air – the only air to breathe!

`Today, you can harness that power too.

Seeley International is renowned for world-class design and innovation, striking that delicate balance between form and function, just like nature.

We have a range of evaporative coolers that would seamlessly integrate with all roof lines without compromising on comfort, quality or environmental credentials, through to our traditional range that also deliver efficient, natural cooling for long lasting comfort.

Since day one, over 50 years ago, our company has been about challenging mindsets and stretching the imagination. Trust, reliability and innovation have been the cornerstones to success. It’s no coincidence that Seeley International is the most awarded air conditioning manufacturer in Australia. We export our amazing products all around the globe.

At Seeley International, we don’t settle for ordinary, and neither should you. Closed quotation marks