HVAC Case Study
Regis Jesuit High School - Girls Gymnasium

Denver -
Colorado -
United States

Regis Jesuit High School successfully installed a Climate Wizard CW-80S evaporative cooler to provide efficient, eco-friendly cooling for their 8,000 sf girls gym which previously had no air conditioning, and they also wanted fresh air as a major part of the installation from September, 2019.

Application: Cooling for the gym in an older school building originally built without air conditioning. Needed a cost-effective, sustainable solution to cool the gym during warmer months for student athletics and activities.

Project Background: The existing girls gym facility at Regis Jesuit High School was one of the original buildings on campus constructed prior to air conditioning. With the school year now starting in August, the gym required cooling to maintain comfortable temperatures. Due to the school’s sustainability initiatives, they sought an energy efficient, green solution rather than traditional AC.

Project Scope: A Climate Wizard CW-80S unit was selected and installed on the roof of the building, tied into the existing ventilation system. This required structural modifications to support the unit. The project was completed in 2019.

Conclusion: The Climate Wizard CW-80S continues to performed exceptionally well, providing cool, comfortable air to the gym space. During a site visit in X Month Y Year, measurements taken led to a Calculated EER of 58 upon startup. Facilities staff reported being very pleased with the system’s performance and energy efficiency.

During a visit in August of 2023, with an ambient temperature of 91°F and 20% relative humidity, the theoretical leaving estimated supply air temperature from the Climate Wizard CW-80S was approximately 63°F. During testing, the actual leaving air temperature measured was 58°F, about 5°F below the ambient wet bulb temperature. This demonstrates the unit was performing even better than factory specifications based on the observed readings.

The Climate Wizard CW-80S continues to provide exceptional cooling power and energy efficiency for the Regis Jesuit High School girls gym application, exceeding performance expectations. As a bonus, and due to the Direct/Indirect capacity of the CLimate Wizard, the school recently laid a new wood floor for the gymnasium. The school was able to maintain the desired 7% humidity levels in order for all the sealants of the new floor to set properly, thereby maintaining the full warranty of the floor.
The school is extremely satisfied with their sustainable cooling solution. Ongoing maintenance has been straightforward for the facilities team. In August, 2023, due to a failed metal air conditioning unit that provides cool air to classrooms on one side of the school, Regist Jesuit has decided to move forward with another Climate Wizard installation rather than pay for the broken condenser unit.

Regis achieved their goals for an eco-friendly, cost-effective gym cooling system supplying 100% fresh air.

To learn more about Climate Wizard, and the CW-80, go to: Climate Wizard

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