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Winery cooling: Achieving target storage temperature, humidity and energy savings

There are many challenges faced in international wine markets. The following can attribute to an increase in cost of production and can have an impact on the quality of the final product:

  • Resilience of and ability to respond to extreme weather events
  • Energy efficient temperature control in hot climates
  • Control of humidity in barrel halls with dry conditions
  • Improving product quality and value in markets faced with changing climatic conditions
  • Minimise yeild loss to evaporation
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These issues contribute to product quality and its market value as well as the loss of wine through the production and maturation process. Collectively affecting operational costs, return on investment and bottom line profit.

The loss of wine (known as Angel’s Share) can be as high as ten percent depending on the conditions in the cellar (temperature and humidity), and the length of time the wine is stored in the barrel. To manage this evaporation loss and to maintain wine quality by minimising the ullage in the barrel, the lost volume is regularly replaced or topped up with wine of similar quality, which adds a significant cost to production.


  • Dramatically reduces energy consumption and winery cooling costs by up to 80% compared to equivalent refrigerated systems^
  • Delivers very low supply air temperatures (down to 16 -18oC^)
  • Maintains desired humidity levels, reducing yeild loss due to “Angel’s share”
  • Easy installation
  • Factory installed BMS interface
  • Optional BACnet interface
  • Australian designed and manufactured
Wine Barrels in Barrel Hall

Designed to efficiently cool wine barrel storage rooms

Climate Wizard Supercool is the latest evolution of the successful Climate Wizard range of indirect evaporative coolers. It achieves even greater cooling capacity by adding a specially designed direct evaporative stage after the indirect heat exchanger.

By using this technique, the very low supply temperatures achieved by the indirect heat exchanger are further cooled with required moisture being added to the supply air. Climate Wizard Supercool’s ability to provide the necessary cooling performance at a very low operating cost is due to the fact that it uses no mechanical compressors or harmful refrigerants. This in turn makes it the natural choice for cooling winery barrel halls.

Climate Wizard - Barrel Hall Cooling for Wineries
Climate Wizard - Barrel Hall Cooling for Wineries

Minimise yield loss to evaporation - "Angel's Share"

Angel’s share is a term used in the wine industry to describe the natural evaporation of wine from oak barrels during aging. This phenomenon can have a significant impact on the volume and quality of the wine, leading to decreased profitability for wineries. However, proper climate control in barrel halls can help reduce the negative impact of angel’s share. When installed in barrel halls, Climate Wizard indirect evaporative cooling maintains consistent temperature and humidity levels allowing wineries to minimise the evaporation of wine and preserve its character and quality. As a result, wineries can experience a reduction in angel’s share, increased efficiency and improved product quality.

Performance Summary

Performance table for different wine regions – stand alone cooling

Watch the video to discover how Climate Wizard placed total temperature & humidity control into the hands of Barossa Valley Estate to make consistency easier in producing the premium wine they’re famous for.

Widely used for winery cooling locally and overseas

Climate Wizard has been widely used in the winery sector for many years, being used for climate control in barrel halls as well as tasting rooms, warehouses and bottling facilities.

Some Climate Wizard Installations Include:

Some installations include:

AngovePatritti Wines
Barossa Bottling ServicesRocland Estates
Barossa Valley EstateRockford Wines
Dave Mullen Wine AgencyShaw and Smith
De BortoliSidewood Winery
Geddes WineryTaylors Wines
HenschkeTorresan Estate
Hentley FarmTreasury Wine Estates
Illaparra WineryKalleske Wines
TorbrekTscharke Wines
Oakbank Wine Bottle StoreWine Storage & Logistics
Peter LehmannYangarra Estate Vineyard
South Africa:
Boschendal EstateBosman Wines

Levantine Hill Logo

Levantine Hill Estate

The Levantine Hill Estate, situated in the Yarra Valley, has built a legacy of pursuing perfection when it comes to winemaking.

With this in mind, they needed an uncompromising solution when it came to cooling their 577m2 barrel hall.


Bosman Wines Logo
Bosman Wines Barrel Hall

Bosman Wines

Bosman have gained a reputation for always seeking out the latest and greatest technology – not only in their agricultural practises but also their winemaking. Bosman needed a controlled environment in terms of temperature and humidity for their barrel hall, enabling them to undertake various fermentation experiments.


Anogove Wines Logo
Angove Wines Estate

Angove Family Winemakers

Angove Wines operate over two major South Australian wine regions, with a cellar door in McLaren Vale and a second cellar door along with winery and barrel storage in Renmark. A controlled HVAC solutions was required for their barrel store in Renmark, along with a solution for their cellar door that opens out to an alfresco in McLaren Vale.

Anogove Wines Logo

Angove Family Winemakers is a fifth generation family business dedicated to crafting super premium and single vineyard wines from McLaren Vale, together with diverse wines from some of South Australia’s great wine growing regions.

Angove Wines operate over two major South Australian wine regions, with a cellar door in McLaren Vale and a second cellar door along with winery and barrel storage in Renmark.

The barrel hall in Renmark required a climate control solution that would maintain the wine temperature within the barrels, at or near the target storage temperature of 16˚C. The humidity within the hall was to be maintained at a level between 65% and 75%. After researching many different climate control options, Angove found that Climate Wizard was the perfect solution to meet their requirements and soon installed 4x Climate Wizard CW-H15S units.

“Temperature is one of the most important controllable variables in the winemaking process, since installing four Seeley Climate Wizards to control the climate of our new state of the art barrel hall we have seen a significant increase in wine quality. The main benefits are in retention of freshness and importantly in the vibrancy of colour. Our 2018 wines show a significant increase in both these aspects and are some of the best wines we have made. The Climate Wizard has had a measurable impact on wine quality.”

Access more information by downloading Case Study information as well as a White Paper document.

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Access more information by downloading Case Study information as well as a White Paper document.

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