Levantine Hill Estate

Coldstream, VIC

Levantine Hill Estate

Target temperature, humidity and energy efficiency achieved


Project BackgroundLevantine Hill Estate - Seeley International Case Study

The Levantine Hill Estate, situated in the Yarra Valley, has built a legacy of pursuing perfection when it comes to winemaking. Inspired by the Yarra Valley, the winery is a triumph of architecture, featuring grand high ceilings, sweeping curves and sparing no expense in building a winery that will create better wines each and every season.

With this pursuit of perfection in mind, the winery needed an uncompromising climate control solution when it came to cooling their 577m2 barrel hall which holds 178,000 litres of wine stored in wooden barrels.

Project Requirements

Levantine Hill Estate required a solution that delivered the below requirements:

  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Maintain the targeted setpoint of 14°C
  • Maintain the relative humidity within the barrel hall to 75%
  • Control of safe C02 levels during fermentation
  • The desire to never compromise on quality

“We also spared no expense in building a winery that will help us make our wines even better. Our new winery is not just about outstanding wine. It is also a symbol of our determination to leave a legacy for the ages – a building of truly stunning form defined by function.”


Project DeliverablesLevantine Hill Estate - Seeley International Case Study

Seeley International supplied a Climate Wizard CW-80S and Smart Wine Controller with a wireless connection to the support team at our Adelaide factory to facilitate smooth system integration. In addition to the barrel hall, other heating and cooling products were supplied for the back of house areas.

When installed in a barrel hall environment, Climate Wizard has the capability to maintain the target relative humidity and temperature. The model CW-80S Climate Wizard Supercool model supplies 6,400 L/s of 100% fresh outside air which alleviated the concerns about CO2 levels.

Controlled by the proprietary Smart Wine Controller, the system can monitor indoor and outdoor conditions to optimise unit operation. There is a control panel in the barrel hall and a network connection to the in-house BMS.


The table below outlines the cooling performance of Climate Wizard in the Clare Valley region.

Levantine Hill Estate - Stats


Levantine Hill Estate - Seeley International Case Study