Braemar™ by Seeley International® offers the full series of high performing and world leading heating and cooling solutions including fixed evaporative cooling (FEAC), ducted gas heating (DGH), gas space heaters, wall furnace, ducted inverter reverse cycle, ducted add-on cooling system, multi- system, ducted fixed speed reverse cycle system and single space wall-mounted inverter split system.

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Whether you are looking for a single space or whole-of-home, Seeley International’s award-winning Braemar brand provides uncompromising safety, reliability, comfort and energy-efficiency which have been taken to a new multi-million dollar level!

Seeley International, Australia’s largest and most awarded air conditioning manufacturer has a world beating track record for producing product innovation that stays ahead of the competition.

With leading and proprietary heating and cooling technologies, the Braemar brand has always pushed the boundaries for innovation and challenging mindsets and has introduced an array of world first innovations for design and performance. This includes the world’s first 7 star equivalent ducted gas heater; the most energy-efficient conventional ducted gas heater in the world.

Founded in 1938 and being the oldest of Seeley International’s brands, Braemar remains one of Australia’s most recognised and trusted brand names today.

Braemar Evolution LPQI Evaporative Cooler by Seeley International

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