Breezair™ by Seeley International® offers premium advanced technology and revolutionary design for fixed evaporative whole of home air conditioning products.Being the market leader and number one in natural cooling, Breezair is the quietest running and most energy-efficient product on the market!*

With its patented technology and use of inverter technology, advanced water management and distribution system and superior Chillcel pads for greater cooling capacity, Breezair evaporative coolers leads the world for rooftop evaporative air conditioning.

Produced by Australia’s largest and most awarded air conditioning manufacturer, Breezair products are tested in its NATA laboratory to accredit test results to substantiate superior performance against competitive products and systems.

Combined with Seeley International’s smart controllers, every element of the Breezair evaporative air conditioning system comes together to ensure the perfect climate control solution with the benefit of natural and energy-efficient cooling, all year round.

Being the first corrosion-free, all-plastic rooftop evaporative air conditioner, Breezair is the market leader in Australia and still leads the world in evaporative cooling technology.Overall some of the Breezair benefits include:

Cool, quiet and efficient evaporative air conditioning
From our patented motors and fans, to the innovative rooftop unit design and our smart controllers, every element of the Breezair evaporative air conditioning system comes together to ensure that your family will enjoy the benefits of natural and energy efficient cooling, all year round.

Breezair uses evaporative cooling technology to bring clean, fresh air into your home. Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, the cool air won’t dry out the skin, nose or eyes. It uses a fan to push outside air through water-soaked cooling pads. Evaporative air conditioning relies on airflow, which means you can leave some windows and doors open allowing fresh and clean air to circulate throughout your home.

Whisper quiet cooling

Ask your dealer for a demonstration – Our patented motor and fan are incredibly quiet, so your family (and your neighbours) can get on with their activities, or sleep soundly, without the disruption of a noisy cooling unit.

Quality that lasts

Installing an air conditioning system is an investment into your home. That is why we build Breezair cooling units that are guaranteed to last.
Find out how we guarantee longevity:

  • We use materials that can withstand constant use in the harsh Australian climate
  • We offer a comprehensive 3 year warranty on motor pump & connectors and 5 year warranty on Chillcel Pad delamination^
  • PLUS a 10 year cover on all structural components
  • PLUS a 25 year warranty on Permatuf®cabinets.
  • PLUS Inbuilt innovative technologies that extend the life of the units such as:
  • Tornado® Pump
  • Exceptional reliability in extreme conditions
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Dual directional – it can’t block!
  • Drain and Clean function
  • Auto-Cleanse™ automatic water draining when the system is not in use it helps to prevents algae growth
Better for the environment, better for you

Every time a consumer chooses an evaporative air conditioner over a refrigerated system, the benefits for the environment are significant. Evaporative air conditioners consume only a small proportion of the electricity consumed by a comparable refrigerated system. Evaporative air conditioning systems contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants. Many of the gases used in refrigerated air conditioning are potent greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons which deplete the ozone layer. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are many times less with evaporative air conditioners compared with refrigerated alternatives. Carbon Dioxide is by far the main greenhouse gas.

Seeley International has produced a product that is one of the most environmentally beneficial methods of cooling available and offers a range of health benefits. We have worked hard to ensure the technology in each Breezair air conditioning unit is industry-leading, so our customers can rest assured that their choice to use evaporative cooling is safer for the environment, compared to refrigerated air conditioning. Every time a customer chooses a Breezair evaporative air conditioner over a refrigerated system, the benefits for the environment are significant:

Lower electricity usage
– Evaporative air conditioners use far less electricity compared to refrigerated systems therefore, less fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas are consumed in the production of electricity.

Zero production of CFCs or HFCs – Evaporative air conditioning systems contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants. Compare this to refrigerated systems which use potent greenhouse gases like hydro fluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons, which deplete the ozone layer.

Less Greenhouse Gas Production – The power consumption of just one ducted reverse cycle air conditioner can result in up to 1.6 tonnes of harmful CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere each year. A Breezair evaporative air conditioner is so efficient it produces less than one tenth of this volume^


^The comprehensive warranty is available exclusively (i.e. only) from Seeley International participating dealers. The warranty has terms and conditions, including the requirement for servicing of the product in accordance with the owner’s manual. In the fourth year the service must be performed by Seeley International or its appointed nominee.
*Breezair has the highest cooling capacity (kW), based on test results of all evaporative air conditioners in the world, performed by a NATA accredited Meridian Test Laboratory, to the requirements of the Australian Standard AS2913-2000 Evaporative Air Conditioning Equipment.
^Seeley International calculations, based on publicly available data (2008). CO2 emissions based on 1.13kg CO2 e/kWhr electricity purchased from grid for Victoria. Data sourced from Part 6 or schedule 1 to the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Measurement) Determination 2008 (Compilation No. 7. dated 1 July 2016).
*This is an estimate based on the CO2 calculation above and using the data from, ‘Carbon and its storage in forest and wood products’ article, published 2011. Calculation based on a 12 year old spotted gum tree weighing 600kg.


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