Evaporative Cooler Benefits

Save money on your household bills

At a time when South Africans are faced with high energy costs, there is plenty of debate when it comes to evaporative cooling vs refrigerated air conditioning running costs. The reality is that one of the most significant benefits of evaporative acooling is that running costs are far lower than refrigerated options.

• Modern and innovative evaporative cooling can save you up to 80% on energy bills compared to a reverse cycle air conditioner.*
• Evaporative coolers use a small amount of water, in many instances using almost 83% less water over the summer months than a shower**.

Fresh, cool clean air

Fresh air is a major benefit of evaporative cooling, supplying 100% fresh, cool, outside air, all while delivering superior energy efficiency compared to a refrigerated equivalent. As the fan within an evaporative cooler draws outside air through the cooling pads, not only is the air chilled it is also filtered from impurities and pollens – a bonus for allergy sufferers.

It is important to remember that cooled air inside a home is not recirculated, so a door or window is left open for this air to escape, providing a home with a complete change in the air at least every two minutes.

Don’t worry about closing up your home

One of the great advantages of an evaporative cooler is that doors and windows can be left open – which is great news for people with children and pets who like to frequently come in and out throughout the day.

Enjoy the peace and quiet

Our evaporative coolers have a reputation for being exceptionally quiet, so you won’t hear a thing as you sleep.

evaporative cooler vs air conditioner

Environmentally friendly

Evaporative coolers use far less electricity compared to refrigerated systems, therefore, fewer fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas are consumed in the production of electricity. Evaporative cooling systems contain no harmful synthetic refrigerants. Compare this to refrigerated systems which use potent greenhouse gases like hydrofluorocarbons or chlorofluorocarbons, which deplete the ozone layer. The power consumption of just one ducted reverse cycle air conditioner can result in up to 1.6 tonnes of harmful CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere each year.

*Based on approximate running costs figures from publically sourced data. Comparison with 2 star not zoned ducted refrigerative system in a large size (220m2) 2-star pre 2005 house in a Melbourne climate, cooling all day on the weekend and in the morning and evenings when internal temperatures are high.

** Water use calculations for shower are based on shower water use for 4 people, 10 mins per person per day at 9L/min, over three months, calculated at 32,400 L. Water use calculations for Braemar evaporative air conditioning over three months are 5,405 L.


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