MagIQTouch® Controller

Harness the simplicity of MagIQtouch Controller

MagIQtouch® Next Generation Controller

Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch® controller is an upgrade from the manual controller and makes operating your evaporative air conditioner and ducted gas heater a breeze. Control the temperature, fan speed and many more features on a user friendly touch screen. The discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the décor of your home.

MagIQtouch controller heating and cooling combined
MagIQtouch display for Evaporative Air Conditioners and Ducted Gas Heaters

Main Features

Program mode

Programmable 7 day, 4 time period program, customisable to suit your lifestyle (including a temporary over-ride function).

Touch screen functionality

All functions and operations are only a touch away, with the easily navigated interface.

Auto-clean™ function

World’s first fully automated pad cleansing capability enables you to set and forget, ensuring your cooling pads remain clean, fresh and functional all summer long, season after season1.

Energy saving quiet night mode

A comfortable night's sleep that won’t cost the earth. The energy saving quiet night mode automatically reduces fan speed during the night for even greater economy at lower noise levels.

Cooling & Heating

Control both your cooling and heating from one MagIQtouch® controller.

Useful settings

Access additional features such as child lock, and servicing information.

Controller Upgrade Options

If you choose a MagIQtouch® controller you receive a touch screen that is hard-wired into your home, fixed to your wall, where it best suits your needs. This model of MagIQtouch® controller can be upgraded to a Wi-Fi enabled touch screen.

Option 1

Wi-Fi enabled2 touch screen:

  • Take complete control of your comfort at home, at all times.
  • Upgrade to a Wi-Fi module (sold separately) to work with your hard-wired MagIQtouch controller3 enabling you to control your heating directly from your personal device through our smart app.
  • The Smart app4 is available on Android and IOS devices.
  • Integrate into voice activated smart home controls like Google Assistant5.

Google Home Magiqtouch App on Mobile Phone

MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi Smart App

Control your heating and cooling needs directly from your pocket, wherever you are. Using your MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi smart app1, you can monitor and modify your settings instantly.

Syncing with the innovative MagIQtouch® next generation wall controller you can:

  • view the live status of your unit
  • turn the system on/off
  • adjust temperatures
  • adjust fan speeds
  • override Program Modes
  • fully control room zoning

Compatible with Breezair, Braemar and Coolair Evaporative Coolers as well as Braemar Ducted Gas Heaters and Braemar Add-On Cooling.

Option 2

Unable to have a hard-wired controller? No problem, MagIQtouch® also has a wireless touch screen option.

  • Battery operated wireless controller using Radio Frequency technology.
  • Ideal for renovations, or where access for cabling is limited. d
  • Easier to install, the RF option also provides up to 2 primary controllers.
  • Can control the entire system from 2 locations, rather than 1; an ideal solution for larger, or two storey homes.
  • Not compatible with Wi-Fi module.

Optional Extra: MagIQtouch air Sensor

The MagIQtouch® air sensor monitors temperature and humidity levels. It allows you to mount your MagIQtouch® controller in the most convenient place in your home, as the MagIQtouch® air sensor will then take over temperature control from the MagIQtouch® controller. This can then be located in the best place in the house to ensure ultimate cooling comfort for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

MagIQtouch® Controller FAQs

The MagIQtouch controller has full program functionality, so you can set time of day, which days, hours of operation and individual temperature settings for your busy lifestyle. For a step-by-step instruction on how to set the programmable timer, you can watch our instructional video click here.

For a general overview on how to set use the MagIQtouch controller, you can watch our instructional video click here.

MagIQtouch controllers can have the optional upgrade Wi-Fi feature, requiring a separate Wi-Fi module, if ordered at the time of purchase. The Wi-Fi feature will enable you to control your Braemar or Breezair cooler or Braemar ducted gas heater from your personal device using the MagIQtouch Smart App. To check if your MagIQtouch controller is Wi-Fi enabled, you can watch our instructional video click here. Talk to your dealer if you would like to upgrade your controller. Find a dealer near you click here.

You can watch our instructional video click here. Talk to your dealer if you would like to upgrade your controller. Find a dealer near you click here.

To give you peace of mind and ensure your favourite operational settings on your MagIQtouch controller can’t be changed by young children, you can watch our instructional video click here.

  1. Requires MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi kit, compatible MagIQtouch® controller and MagIQtouch® account to operate. Additional costs may apply.
  2. MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi Module is not compatible with MagIQtouch wireless controller. Existing installations including a MagIQtouch®.
    controller may need to be upgraded if purchasing the Wi-Fi module. Additional costs may apply.
  3. Requires MagIQtouch® wall control, MagIQtouch® Wi-Fi smart kit and MagIQtouch® account to operate. Additional costs may apply.
  4. Requires Wi-Fi, Google account and a compatible device. Google and Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC. Additional costs
    may apply. Not all Google Home functionality may be available, please consult Seeley International for more details.