Ducted Gas Heating

Ducted gas heating provides you with a cosy warmth and consists of a heating unit connected to a number of outlets by a system of ducts.

The position of the heating unit depends on your house and may be placed outside, under the floor or in the roof cavity. The outlets and ducts are then strategically placed throughout your home, either in the floor or ceiling.


Braemar natural ducted gas heating, provides you with the ultimate in safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

    • Cheaper to run and reaches desired temperatures much faster when compared to reverse cycle heating.
    • Flexible zoning options provide complete control over your individual comfort needs by heating only parts of the house in use which can save you up to an extra 60% on running costs*.
    • Flexible installation for all types of homes and roof spaces.
    • Ducted gas heating won’t dry your skin and eyes. It’s a different kind of cosy warmth.
    • Better for the environment with low CO² emissions.

*Actual savings achieved will depend on the number of zones and controls installed, actual zone usage pattern, temperature settings, outside temperature, house size and room layout, house insulation, number of outlets, zone system design. Zoning savings are based on: · A range of assumed zone configurations, usage profiles and zone set-temperatures, with energy consumption reduced due to not heating the whole house all of the time. · Individual zone temperature control (a single MagIQtouch® controller in combination with air temperatures sensors, or multiple MagIQtouch® controllers).


Seeley International never stops striving to innovate and build the world’s most energy efficient ducted gas heating

  • Smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive, your MagIQtouch controller makes operating your heating so simple.
  • No pilot light ensures the heater works every time and reduces gas wastage.
  • Use less electricity with Australia’s first and only inverter motor for ducted gas heating.
  • Maximum efficiency with the InShot BurnerTM due to thorough air/gas mixing for clean, efficient combustion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ducted Gas Heating FAQs

A ducted gas heater is a type of heating system that uses natural gas to generate heat and distribute it throughout a building via a network of ducts. It typically consists of a central heating unit, ductwork, vents, and a thermostat.

A ducted gas heater operates by burning natural gas to produce heat. The heat is then transferred to the air, which is distributed through the ducts and released into different rooms or areas of the building via vents.

Ducted gas heaters are generally considered energy-efficient compared to other heating systems, such as electric heaters. Gas is often cheaper than electricity, making gas heaters a cost-effective choice for heating large spaces.

Yes, natural gas is available in certain areas of South Africa. It's important to check with your local gas supplier to determine if natural gas is accessible in your location.

Ducted gas heaters are safe when installed and maintained correctly. It's crucial to have your system installed by a licensed professional and have it regularly inspected for any gas leaks or ventilation issues. Adequate ventilation with a flu is necessary to ensure the safe operation of gas heaters.

Some benefits of ducted gas heaters include:

  • Cost-effectiveness compared to electric heating systems.
  • Quick and efficient heating.
  • Zoning capabilities, allowing you to control the temperature in different areas of your home.
  • Reliability, as gas supply is usually stable.

Yes, ducted gas heaters can be used in both residential and commercial buildings. They are commonly used in large spaces such as office buildings, warehouses, and homes with multiple rooms.

It is recommended to have your ducted gas heater serviced annually by a qualified technician. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance, improves energy efficiency, and identifies any potential safety issues.

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We have a wide range of Ducted Gas Heaters to suit every situation and budget.