Energy savings, humidity and target storage temperature achieved

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Here’s one part of the journey

Bosman Wines have gained a reputation for always seeking out the latest and greatest technology not only in their agricultural practises but also in their winemaking. Petrus Bosman regularly experiments with a range of innovations; in particular those that promote energy-efficiency.

Maintaining their commitment to innovation and energy efficiency, Bosman installed two Climate Wizard Supercool CW-H15S units to achieve a controlled environment in terms of temperature and energy efficiency in their barrel hall. Installing Climate Wizard allowed Bosman to reduce their capital expenditure due to eliminating the need for a power upgrade, should a refrigerated system have been specified.

The project requirements:

  • Room temperature requirement of max 20°C inside
  • Minimum humidity of 70% (34°C DB and 19°C WB outdoors)
  • Energy efficient
  • Ability to control and maintain temperatures
  • No need for a power upgrade

The project results:

At peak Summer design conditions, the two units installed were
able to deliver:

  • Supply airflow: 3,400 L/s
  • Supply temperature: 15.8°C
  • Input power: 3.6kW

The system at Bosman meets all the client’s requirements despite a very high ambient temperature. Because the room is constantly being supplied with fresh air, the pressure would continue to rise if the pressure was not relieved. The wine store easily maintains 20°C throughout the year with recorded temperatures as low as 13°C during 42°C days (as tested on site).


Explore Barossa Valley Estate’s project

Watch the video to discover how Climate Wizard placed total temperature & humidity control into the hands of another winery, Barossa Valley Estate, to make consistency easier in producing the premium wine they’re famous for.

Performance summary of Climate Wizard at Barossa Valley Estate

  • Dramatically reduces energy consumption and cooling costs compared to equivalent
    refrigerated systems
  • Delivers very low supply air temperatures
  • Maintains desired humidity levels
  • Easy installation
  • Factory installed BMS interface
  • Optional BACnet interface
  • CW-H15 and CW-80 models available
  • Australian designed and manufactured

Designed to efficiently cool wine barrel storage rooms

Climate Wizard Supercool is the latest evolution of the successful Climate Wizard range of indirect evaporative coolers. It achieves even greater cooling capacity by adding a specially designed direct evaporative stage after the indirect heat exchanger. By using this technique, the very low supply temperatures achieved by the indirect heat exchanger are further cooled with required moisture being added to the supply air. Climate Wizard Supercool’s ability to provide the necessary cooling performance at a very low operating cost is due to the fact that it uses no mechanical compressors or harmful refrigerants. This in turn makes it the natural choice for cooling winery barrel halls.

Since installation, Seeley International has had temperature and humidity monitoring equipment installed in the barrel hall to record the actual wine temperature in barrels from floor to ceiling level, the barrel hall ambient temperature and relative humidity.

Seeley International also monitored the energy consumption of the Climate Wizard air conditioners. This was recorded with the aim to compare it to the estimated energy that would have been required should the winery have selected a traditional refrigerated system and a humidification system to perform the same duty. The results indicate that the Climate Wizard Supercool system provides incredible savings of up to 80% compared to the energy that a refrigerated system would have used.

Widely used by wineries locally and overseas

Climate Wizard has been widely used in the winery sector for many years, being used for climate control in barrel halls as well as tasting rooms and bottling facilities.

Access more information by downloading Case Study information as well as a White Paper document.

Download Winery Case StudyDownload Winery White Paper

Energy savings, humidity and target storage temperature achieved

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