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Have you ever thought about your cooling and the effect it has on the environment?

Evaporative Air Conditioning Benefits

Learn more about the benefits of evaporative air conditioning

Evaporative Air Conditioning
10 things you didn't know about evaporative coolers

Discover things you didn't know about going evaporative for this Summer

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What is renewable gas?

What is Renewable Gas?

31.10.2022 – Gas Heating

Discover how renewable gas (hydrogen) is a key part to Australia’s transition to green energy and a zero emissions future…

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Dr Alan Finkel

Australia’s Energy Transition To Zero Emissions

21.10.2022 – Gas Heating

We recently met with Dr Alan Finkel AC to discuss the extremely important topic of the future of gas and its function in the energy roadmap to zero emissions and to learn of the importance of a measured transition to electrification and renewables.

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Natural Gas in Australia Today

Why Natural Gas is an Important Energy Source

29.08.2022 – Gas Heating

With almost 70% of Australian households using natural gas to cook delicious meals, warm living spaces and provide heated water for showers, it has become an essential and well-loved energy source in our modern lifestyle.

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Renewable Hydrogen - the Swiss Army Knife of Decarbonisation

The “Swiss Army Knife” of decarbonisation (image source)

Renewable Hydrogen, the Swiss Army Knife of Decarbonisation

22.08.2022 – Gas Heating

Nicknamed “the Swiss Army Knife of fuels”, renewable hydrogen has many uses in replacing or supplementing fossil fuels (as an energy source) in our homes to industrial processes that produce items such as food, plastic and steel.

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Environmentally Friendly Energy Production Plant

An artist’s impression of the proposed hydrogen power plant project for South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula (image source)

Could Hydrogen be the solution to the gas crisis?

22.06.2022 – Gas Heating

South Australia will soon be home to a new Hydrogen Hub in Whyalla, on the Eyre Peninsula, creating hundreds of local jobs. The project is set to be operational by the end of 2025 and is supported by a $593 million dollar state government commitment.

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The Future of Hydrogen

20.04.2022 – Gas Heating

We recently held an interesting and topical discussion at Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA) with Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG), one of Australia’s largest energy infrastructure providers.

HyP SA is a pioneering project as Australia’s largest electrolyser and the first to deliver a renewable hydrogen blend to customers on the existing gas network.

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What is the new Zoned Energy Rating Label?

27.08.2020 – Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

The new label allows consumers to make a more informed decision for their heating and cooling; including how much heating and cooling power a model has, energy efficiency based on location, electricity usage and noise production.

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The history behind evaporative cooling

23.11.2019 – Evaporative Cooling

Reports of the first air conditioning systems with records of evaporative cooling appear as early as in the 2nd Century AD Reports and the Chinese Han dynasty.

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Evaporative Cooling and Energy Efficiency

01.10.2019 – Evaporative Cooling

When it comes to home cooling, most people tend to stick with what they know, which normally sees someone fall into either the evaporative or reverse cycle air conditioning camp.

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Why Evaporative Air Conditioning can Help Tackle Sick Building Syndrome

23.09.2019 – Evaporative Cooling

For more than 20 years, the World Health Organisation has recognised that Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is associated with allergenic and respiratory problems affecting people in poorly ventilated buildings.

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