The Climate Wizard CW3 Evaporative Air Conditioner

Climate Wizard CW3

Up to 80% reduction in energy costs compared to standard efficiency air conditioning.*

The future of cooling. Climate Wizard CW3.

What is CW3?

“CW3 is the biggest breakthrough in air conditioning since standard efficiency AC was invented in 1902. In principle, little has changed in 100 years… until now. The revolutionary Climate Wizard has been sold around the world for large commercial applications for more than a decade, and now, Climate Wizard CW3 residential is here, creating a complete paradigm shift for the industry, as well as for home owners.”

– Frank Seeley AM, DUniv Flin, FAICD
Founder and Executive Chairman

The CW3 offers a hyper-efficient cooling solution for home owners wanting next level energy-efficiency and superbly functional design. Using an indirect-direct evaporative counter-flow heat exchange core to provide hyper-efficient cooling of outside air, the CW3 offers greatly reduced energy consumption compared to equivalent standard efficiency air conditioning and delivers 100% fresh air.


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CW3 delivers outstanding energy-efficiency.

Delivering up to 80% reduction in energy costs compared to standard efficiency air conditioning.*

What’s even better is that CW3 cooling delivers 100% fresh air while achieving hyper-efficient cooling temperatures that could previously only be achieved by standard efficiency AC. And even more staggering is that CW3’s cooling performance actually gets better as the outside temperature heats up. That’s in direct contrast to standard efficiency AC, where cooling capacity can be significantly reduced when ambient temperature starts to soar.


Up to 80% reduction in energy costs compared standard efficiency air conditioning*

Hyper-efficient cooling

The CW3 uses Micro-Core™ technology to deliver hyper-efficient cooling at incredibly low temperatures, comparable to standard efficiency AC. You can keep the windows and doors closed for security, or open for alfresco living!

More about Hyper-efficient cooling

  • The outdoor unit is positioned on the roof, delivering cool air through ducts into the home via small vents in the ceiling.
  • Warm air is expelled out of the home through a return air vent into the ceiling, and is released to atmosphere through the roof space and/or windows and doors can be opened to release the warm air – it’s your choice.
  • The cooling system replaces the air inside your home with 100% fresh cool air up to 10 times an hour.

How it Works

The secret to the hyper-efficient cooling in CW3 is the Micro-Core™ technology. This is how it works.

More about How it Works

  1. The Micro-Core air-to-air counter-flow heat exchanger consists of a large number of parallel channels that are alternately wet and dry.
  2. All of the hot outside air is drawn through the Micro-Core dry channels, where it is progressively cooled by heat transfer to the wet channels.
  3. One third of the cooled air is drawn in a counter-flow direction through the wet channels where it gains both moisture and heat, after which it is exhausted through the top of the air conditioner into the outside atmosphere.
  4. The remaining two thirds of the cooled air is then drawn through the second cooling stage to further reduce its temperature and thereafter it is circulated through the home.

One intuitive controller.

Advanced MagIQtouch® next generation smart controller.

Easy to use, intuitive touch screen control.

temperature control.

Delivers 100% fresh, cool,
outside air that rivals standard
efficiency AC.

The world’s most advanced cooling system.

Cools entire homes with temperatures comparable to standard efficiency AC systems.

Perfect balance
of air moisture.

Operates effectively in humid and dry climates.

Unmatched energy
cost savings.

80% lower energy costs compared standard efficiency AC cooling.

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*Seeley International’s calculations, based on publicly sourced running cost figures. Compared to refrigerated systems performing the same duty. Dependent on final system design for individual
applications. We recommend consultation with a Seeley International Sales Engineer to establish the most appropriate product selection.