Climate Wizard CW3 Micro-Core Dual System


an exceptional compact footprint.

Advanced Commercial HVAC Technology

Cutting edge next generation design

Climate Wizard CW3 uses Seeley International’s latest innovation, a new micro-core design, ideally suited to smaller or uniquely challenging applications. The concept of how it works remains unchanged, combined with equally effective cooling performance found in Climate Wizard’s Commercial models.

Using an indirect evaporative counter-flow heat exchange core to provide hyper-efficient cooling of outside air, the CW3 offers up to 80% lower energy costs* compared to equivalent refrigerated air conditioning, with the added benefit of supplying 100% fresh, cool, filtered air into the building, increasing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Overseas model shown. CW-6S is branded CW3 in Americas.

CW3 delivers outstanding energy-efficiency.

CW3 delivers up to 80% reduction in energy costs compared to refrigerated air conditioning.*

What’s even better is that CW3 cooling delivers 100% fresh air while achieving hyper-efficient cooling temperatures that could previously only be achieved by refrigerated air conditioning.

And even more staggering is that CW3’s cooling performance actually gets better as the outside temperature heats up. That’s in direct contrast to standard efficiency air conditioners, where cooling capacity can be significantly reduced when ambient temperature starts to soar.

Impressive Cooling Performance

CW3 delivers 12kW stand alone cooling with only 1700W of input power requirement, so when examining the W cooling performance relative to capital and running costs, it has a very impressive cooling performance to cost ratio#.












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Overseas model shown. CW-6S is branded CW3 in Americas.


Overseas model shown. CW-6S is branded CW3 in Americas.

A Wide Range of Applications

Designed to meet the cooling and fresh air requirements of buildings across many sectors, particularly where there is constant access by customers or occupants, where spaces are constantly open to outdoors or where doors are frequently opening and closing.

Advanced Smart Controllers

MagIQtouch® controller
Optional with CW3

  • Easy operating process due to in-built Installation Wizard


MagIQtouch® BMS Industrial Controller MS1
Optional with CW3

  • Optional 12Vdc power supply
  • 109 yd communication cable
  • Operate up to 60 coolers using link modules

BMS Controller

Reduce running
costs by up to 80%

No high electrical demand charges even in hot weather.

Improved IAQ with
100% outside air

Total cooling performance increases when air
temperature rises.

Flexible design and
engineering configurations

Ideal for use as a DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system).

Meets various
regulatory requirements

Simple, reliable solution to improve COP/EER
(coefficient of performance / energy efficiency ratio).

CASE STUDY / PROJECT: Sailmaster Tavern

North Haven, South Australia

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*Seeley International’s calculations from performance data logged in NATA accredited testing facility, compared to refrigerated air conditioning performing the same duty and publicly sourced running cost figures.
# Dependent on final system design for individual applications. We recommend consultation with a Seeley International Sales Engineer to establish the most appropriate product selection.