Sailmaster Tavern – North Haven

South Australia

Sailmaster Tavern Benefits from Lower Energy Costs

One of four Climate Wizard CW-6S air conditioning units, supplied by Seeley International and installed at the Sailmaster Tavern.

The recent renovations of the Sailmaster Tavern included the installation of four Climate Wizard CW-6S air conditioning units. With the introduction of a deck and alfresco dining area, a cooling solution was required that could provide a constant and comfortable temperature to the dining area, unaffected by external doors remaining open during operating hours in the warmer months. This is the type of application that Climate Wizard is ideally suited for! Boasting a waterfront location on the North Haven Marina, the blend of indoor/outdoor dining is enjoyed by many, so consistent comfort levels need to be achieved.

The micro-core® technology in CW-6S provides 100% fresh cool air into the space at a positive pressure. This reduces the infiltration of hot outside air whilst also reducing energy consumption by up to 80% in cooling mode compared to reverse cycle systems.

The CW-6S ingenious design has enabled an extremely compact footprint, opening up new installation opportunities where roof space is restricted.

The four CW-6s units installed at the Sailmaster Tavern are exceeding fresh air requirements and all patrons can enjoy a cool and comfortable temperature at all times. Want to experience the comfort levels for yourself, visit the

Sailmaster Tavern!


Learn more about CW-6S and it’s advanced micro-core® technology

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