MagIQtouch control suite

Seeley International has designed the most advanced technology to give you full control of evaporative coolers in the smartest way. Adaptable to all customers’ requirement they can allow single or multiple cooler’s control.


Digital controller

  • Simple in operation
  • Allow full control of coolers
  • Can be configured for thermostat control





MagIQtouch wall controller

  • Touch screen controller
  • PIN access available
  • Ability to control up to 60 coolers
  • Program mode (7-day, 4 time period program)
  • Allows connectivity to External air sensor
  • Allows connectivity to Remote indoor temperature sensor
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External Advanced interfaces

  • Connectivity with external BMS system
  • Allow unlimited numbers of coolers
  • Can allow access to all coolers’ parameters




Air sensors

External air sensor

  • Measures current outside temperature
  • Intuitively optimises water and energy usage based on outside ambient conditions
  • Extends the life of the cooler by automatically draining the water tank when temperature nears freezing


Remote indoor temperature sensor

  • Measures internal temperature
  • Measures internal humidity
  • To be installed in the area that you need to cool

MagIQtouch Breezair wall controller  MagIQtouch Wi-Fi app

Now you can control your Seeley International Evaporative cooler remotely using your smart devices!
The intuitive and easy to use MagIQtouch App gives you full control of your evaporative cooling system.

Syncing with the innovative MagIQtouch wall controller, you can:

  • Operate your system from anywhere
  • Adjust fan speed
  • Adjust temperature
  • Set “free-cooling” mode
  • Override program mode
  • Display indoor & outdoor temperatures