Climate Wizard CW-H10 Indirect Evaporative Cooler

The CW-H10 is ideal for cooling commercial and industrial small to medium spaces.  It is ideal for building that need fresh air input; its innovative technology uses up to 80% less energy without using chemical refrigerants.

  • Cooling capacity and efficiency increases as temperature increases
  • Low maintenance
  • No moisture added to the conditioned air
  • Intake air is filtered through replaceable pleated filters: air is more breathable, cleaner & healthier

Cabinetry is powder coated, marine grade aluminium: weather proof and corrosion resistant.

Climate Wizard CW-H10 Indirect Evaporative Cooler
Model COP Cooling Capacity Rated Airflow
CW-H10 Up to 12 Up to 18kW (precooling) Up to 800 L/s (2,880 m³/h) supply air @180 Pa

Note: specifications subject to change.

*Tested in accordance with ASHRAE 143 conditions of 38° C dry bulb & 21° C wet bulb.

Stand alone cooling capacity may be different, depending on application.

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