Amazing performance and superb design delivers coveted award wins to Braemar Evolution and EnviroMagic

Two of Seeley International’s recent additions to the Braemar air conditioner range – the Braemar Evolution and the Braemar EnviroMagic – have emerged as standout success stories at the 2018 Good Design Awards, announced at a prestigious gala event overnight at the Sydney Opera House, last night.

The Braemar Evolution – which is the highest capacity sloped tank evaporative air conditioner available on the market – was an award winner in the Domestic Appliances category, with judges particularly impressed with its low-profile design and ability to sit so far below roof ridges.

Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Frank Seeley AM , DUniv Flin, FAICD, said the Braemar Evolution features advanced Australian-developed technology with a range of unique innovations building on the long-standing reputation of the trusted Braemar brand.

“The magnificent Braemar Evolution Range offers the coldest ultra-low profile evaporative air conditioners in the world and it is gratifying to see independent judges recognising such market-leading innovation. The domestic market has been crying out for something completely new and transformational – and the Braemar Evolution is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient,” Mr Seeley said.

“Prior to its 2017 release, we conducted extensive customer testing to understand the opportunity on offer and the superb design of the Braemar Evolution Range got a big tick of approval from consumers. Its ultra-low-profile design features curved louvres and it is available in a range of colours which blend into any home’s roofline. While the award-winning SuperStealth inverter motor and fan ensure high energy efficiency second-to-none and whisper-quiet operation,” he said.

And then, the Braemar EnviroMagic was crowned a winner in the Commercial and Industrial category of the Good Design Awards because of to its brilliant design and ultra-smart technology.

“The Braemar EnviroMagic offers amazing evaporative cooling capacity which is perfect for large spaces, new property developments and architectural projects, where high performance and low profiles are essential” Mr Seeley said.

“Delivering state-of-the-art low profile design, the Braemar EnviroMagic has emerged as the market-leader in commercial air-conditioning by producing large quantities of cooled air, with high energy-efficiencies, from ultra-low roof profiles,” he said.

“Constructed with a super-tough UV-proofed polymer cabinet instead of aluminium or stainless steel, the Braemar EnviroMagic is lightweight and super durable, which means it can be easily installed on roof spaces that cannot support the weight of typical commercial or industrial coolers.”

During the judging process of the Braemar Evolution, the Good Design Awards, Jury commented – “Seeley International is the gold standard for good design and clever engineering and the Braemar Evolution shifts this bar to another level. The Good Design Awards Jury was impressed with the low profile design allowing the unit to be as unobtrusive as possible while seamlessly blending into the architectural form of a home. Coupled with class-leading technology, this product sets a high standard for others to follow. Well done Seeley (again).”
The Good Design Awards Jury also made comments about the Braemar EnviroMagic – “The unit design offers a modular system that can be easily disassembled/reassembled for transport and installation. The use of polymers, UV treated, extend the life cycle of the product exposed to weather. Good sound design solution and use of raw materials. Modular design and ease of installation and assembly is great. This is a low cost design

that has some significant design effort put into it.”
The 60th Anniversary Good Design Awards attracted a record number of entries. From the 536 innovative designs, only 260 projects were selected to receive the coveted Good Design Award®.
Mr Seeley said that the award category wins underpin Seeley International’s global reputation for pushing boundaries to bring tomorrow’s technology to the market today.

“We take great delight in the fact that by the time a competitor has tried to copy our technology, we are already well-advanced on the next generation of products that replace them. We achieve that through a business-wide commitment to innovation,” he said.

“We also have a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs and recognise that heating and cooling costs represent a significant budget component for homes and businesses. People want energy-efficient cooling solutions that don’t sacrifice comfort levels, and we are delighted to develop and manufacture products that deliver on those expectations.”

Made completely in-house using parts largely manufactured in house, the Braemar Evolution and Braemar EnviroMagic reflect Seeley International’s commitment to vertical integration rather than outsourcing, and its active contribution to the sustainability of Australian manufacturing.

Managed by Good Design Australia, the annual Good Design Awards program recognises and rewards excellence in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level. Australia’s Good Design Awards date back to the 1950’s and have an enviable record of unearthing globally recognised talent and products, with entries undergoing an extensive evaluation process involving more than 35 Australian and international design experts.


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