Climate Wizard technology works its cooling magic for South Australian students

Students in six South Australian schools have been enjoying much cooler and healthier learning environments this summer due to the installation of world-leading Climate Wizard cooling technology, developed by Seeley International.
The 18 Climate Wizard air conditioners involved in these installations have been designed and manufactured at Seeley International’s factory in Adelaide’s southern suburbs. These innovative air conditioners achieve cooling conditions comparable to the best conventional systems, but use up to *80% less energy than equivalent cooling capacity reverse cycle systems.
The schools experiencing Climate Wizard technology are Ocean View College (8 units), Coober Pedy Area School (2 units), Mt Barker High School (1 very large unit), Flagstaff Hill Primary (3 units), Aberfoyle Park Pre-school (2 units) and Brighton Secondary School (2 units).
The innovative air conditioning has been installed in a range of areas within the six schools, including a library, technical studies classrooms, large economics area, multi-purpose halls and a canteen. All but one location (Coober Pedy) have integrated heating, using the same duct work to deliver warm and cool air.
Thousands of Climate Wizard air conditioners have already been installed across Australia and around the world. Some local examples include the University of Adelaide’s Hub Central, cooling some 3,000 students on a daily basis, Noarlunga Hospital, as well as the dining areas and kitchens of 45 McDonald’s restaurants from Melbourne to Cairns and Darwin.
Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM, DUniv Flin, FAICD, said the successful Australian manufacturer was delighted that South Australian schools are benefiting from this innovative technology.
“Climate Wizard hyper-efficient air conditioners utilise cutting edge technology that delivers superb levels of climate comfort, achieves remarkable energy savings, and delivers 100% fresh air so that every two minutes an entire room’s air is replaced without any added moisture,” said Mr Seeley.
“We are pleased to see South Australian students benefitting from this world-leading technology and expect it will encourage schools across Australia to investigate this revolutionary technology. If more Australian made Climate Wizard products are used in schools, not only does this investment actively contribute to local manufacturing and encourage further innovation, it also ensures ongoing employment opportunities,” added Mr Seeley.
Mr Seeley said an extensive monitoring regime is incorporated with these installations to assess performance and energy savings.  This has already confirmed that comfortable internal conditions were easily maintained throughout February despite a number of days when outside temperatures soared into the mid 30’s.  And all while consuming up to 80% less energy than conventional air conditioners would do.
“These school installations, made possible through State Government funding, are expected to demonstrate that if Climate Wizard is installed as original equipment on future school buildings, it can achieve payback periods as short as 1.5 years, which represents an exceptional return on investment. This means that schools using Climate Wizard will not only enjoy excellent levels of comfort, but will also accrue huge energy savings over the expected life of the equipment,” Mr Seeley said.
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*Using a cost base of $0.25 per kwh the Direct Expansion cost of operation was $4,558 compared to $548 for the Climate Wizard, representing a reduction of more than 80%.